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Motorola Solutions acquires Noggin, a global provider of critical event management software. Learn more

Choose from a range of Motorola Solutions’ digital portable radio to suit your needs

Motorola’s advanced ASTRO 25 portable radios deliver interoperability, best in class audio and intuitive performance. Select from the most advanced lineup of P25 two-way digital portable radio devices to create a solution that meets your organisations’ needs. 

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  • APX NEXT All-Band P25 Smart Radio

    The mission-critical reliability you know, the ruggedness you need. APX NEXT retains the radio features you rely on while advancing usability and performance at every turn. All designed to protect your focus.

  • APX™ 6000 P25 Portable Radio

    APX™ 6000 P25 Portable Radio

    A smart investment delivering leading edge technology in a lightweight design with single band operation and future P25 Phase 2 capability. View Product Tour

  • APX™ 6000XE P25 Portable Radio

    APX™ 6000XE P25 Portable Radio

    Designed for gloved users working in extreme environments with exaggerated ergonomics and rugged specifications. Ideal for agencies requiring advanced features in a smaller, single-band form factor.

  • APX™ 2000 P25 Portable Radio

    Durable and compact with key features in an easy to use design. The APX 2000 is ideal for those requiring a budget friendly P25 Phase 2 solution.

  • APX™ 3000 P25 Portable Radio

    Explore how the APX 3000 P25 TDMA capable covert radio can help you communicate securely while blending into the surroundings.