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Utility Communications Solutions

Enhanced safety, improved efficiency

Utility companies are heading into a perfect storm. You must keep the power on and the water flowing while keeping your employees and the public safe. While demand is growing and the industry is changing, pressures to cut costs without compromising safety is increasing. Add to this the rise in cyber attacks and regular threats to network security, the potential for disruption is high.

Next generation communications adapted for your needs can help your operation respond rapidly, manage assets efficiently and ensure safety is a constant – in the field, at the plant, for the community.

When power lines are down from a fast-moving storm, your customers expect a certain level of performance. They want timely response and quick resolutions. How do you meet their expectations and manage an extensive field force? With a system that provides instant dispatch and reliable communication, no matter where they go. One so efficient and easy to use it can improve worker safety, reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

Our radio network provides reliable, resilient and secure communications. It can handle the full scope of daily operations and unimaginable disasters. It empowers utilities with greater safety and efficiency, while delivering the continuity of service their customers expect.

What if your team could connect and collaborate instantly to share information and resolve issues?

Leverage the resources you already have to communicate with personnel on their own devices. Extend the reach of radio with WAVE to those who may not carry radios. Now the field supervisor away on business or the IT director outside the plant can talk on their smartphones with radio users. Everyone is connected, everyone can collaborate. Incidents are resolved faster, employees are safer and costs are lowered.

From the wastewater plant to the power line, at the office or the substation, Motorola is helping utility companies work more efficiently, productively and safely in the most difficult conditions and demanding environments.


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