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Increase productivity with MOTOTRBO digital portable two-way radios

Thanks to digital technology, MOTOTRBO™ portable radios deliver double the capacity, improved audio clarity, 40% longer battery life and integrated data applications. Choose between display and non-display versions; GPS and non-GPS versions; UHF and VHF, with up to 160 channels. Portable radios ship standard with an IMPRES™ Li-ion 1500 mAh submersible battery, IMPRES single unit charger and two-year warranty plus one-year repair service advantage.

How to Buy

  • MOTOTRBO Ion Smart Radio

    Access critical voice and instant broadband data on a tough device with the MOTOTRBO Ion smart radio

  • DP2400 Portable Two-Way Radio

    Equip your team with the world’s most scalable digital radio solution that is analogue interoperable, enabling you to make the transition to digital at your own pace.


    This ATEX-certified non-display DMR radio is packed with all the advantages of MOTOTRBO to help keep you connected in the toughest environments.

  • DP3441e - Portable Two-Way Radio

    Portable two-way radio with a compact design and high-performance integrated voice and data, deliver comprehensive connectivity to your organization.

  • DP4000e Series

    With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBOTM digital two-way radios, you’re better connected, safer and more productive. The DP4000e Series is designed for the skilled professional who refuses to compromise. With high-performance integrated voice and data, and advanced features for efficient operation, these next-generation radios deliver complete connectivity to your organisation.

  • DP2000e Series

    With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radios, you’re better connected, safer and more efficient. The DP2000e Series is designed for the everyday worker who needs effective communications. With systems support and loud, clear audio, these next-generation radios deliver cost-effective connectivity to your organization.

  • SL4000e Series

    With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radios, you’re smarter, better connected and more productive. The SL4010e is designed for the manager who needs complete control. With a slim and light form factor incorporating high performance integrated voice and data, these next-generation radios deliver smart connectivity to your organization.

  • SL2600 Two-way Portable Radio

    With its slim, lightweight design, the MOTOTRBO™ SL2600 portable two-way radio is stylish and discreet.

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Customer Stories

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    For three years Optical Audio Productions Pty Ltd (OAP) has provided a “theatrical communications system” for White Night Melbourne: an all-night cultural event with visual art, illuminations, music, food, theatre, sport, fashion, film, design and performances.

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