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Discontinued MOTOTRBO™ Portable Radios

Find specifications, user guides and similar support for your two-way radio.

These products may no longer be manufactured or available for sale, but here you'll find information on how to upgrade, replace or repair your product.

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  • MOTOTRBO™ DP4000 Two-Way Radio

    MOTOTRBO DP4000 Series offers double call capacity, enhanced audio and improved range for communications you can rely on.

  • MOTOTRBO™ SL4000e Smart Two-Way Radios

    The slim, light form factor incorporates high-performance integrated voice and data, delivering smart connectivity to your organization.

  • DP2400 Portable Two-Way Radio

    Equip your team with the world’s most scalable digital radio solution that is analogue interoperable, enabling you to make the transition to digital at your own pace.

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