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A first-hand perspective when it matters most A first-hand perspective when it matters most A first-hand perspective when it matters most

A first-hand perspective when it matters most

Having an objective, unbiased witness matters. From security guards to police officers, our portfolio of body cameras can be relied upon to capture evidence-grade video of any situation.

Explore our body camera portfolio

Whatever your role, whatever your organization, we have a body camera that suits your needs.

Body Cameras for Police

Our mission-critical body cameras are designed specifically for law enforcement - withstanding rough conditions, lasting long shifts and streaming vital evidence over LTE.

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Body Cameras for Security Guards

Empower your security guards with our commercial body cameras - purpose-built to deter aggression, improve business practices and capture confrontations.

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Body Cameras for Retail and Hospitality

Keep your public-facing teams safe with our customer-friendly, intuitive body cameras for retail and hospitality workers.

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Learn more about the real-world benefits of our body cameras.

Want to learn more about the key components of a body camera deployment?

Take control of the situation

Empower front-line teams to take control. When unexpected situations arise, the potential to capture and share real-time video increases situational awareness.

Capture evidence

The presence of a body-worn camera often helps to calm difficult encounters. Simply press record to capture high-quality video evidence, reassure and protect staff.

Respond faster

Automatically share video and audio with centralised teams over Wi-Fi or LTE for a faster and smarter incident response.

Demonstrate accountability

Empower customer-facing staff to prove their professionalism or innocence when confronted by contentious allegations. Body-worn cameras capture irrefutable video and audio evidence.

This technology has proven to be valuable in many policing situations. The benefits it can bring in assisting the prosecution of cases and particularly in cases of domestic abuse is well documented.

Bodyworn Camera

Anne Connolly

Belfast Policing District Board Chair

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