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Keep your lifeline open with the Connected Vehicle

Automatically switch voice communications between LMR, WiFi, LTE or Satellite if you lose radio coverage

When responding to high risk situations in remote zones, Emergency Services rely on mission-critical communications to stay in touch with each other and their command centre. Connected Vehicle ensures your lifeline stays connected, even in radio black spots.

Stay safe, stay connected

The Connected Vehicle keeps you safe by maintaining your voice quality, security and talk groups on the same user interface, even if no radio signal is available.

Priority Satellite Access

Even during peak traffic times, the Connected Vehicle voice connection is always given priority satellite access, ensuring your safety.

Save time, be mission focused

Automatic switching between LMR, WiFi, LTE and Satellite keeps you and your team connected to the same talk groups, without intervention.

Support when you need it

Our Managed and Support services deliver mission-critical availability, security and resiliency so your teams can focus on the job at hand.

When every second counts

Mission-critical communications is at the heart of everything we do.

In rapidly developing situations, time is critical. The Connected Vehicle automatically locates and establishes the strongest line of voice communication, ensuring you receive vital up to the minute data, allowing you to respond swiftly, and without delay.

The Connected Vehicle has you covered

Automatic voice connectivity

Whenever you exit your radio system’s range, the Connected Vehicle delivers Automatic Voice Connectivity via LMR, WiFi, LTE or Satellite, ensuring your talk groups and security remain active.

Automatic switching

The Connected Vehicle responds rapidly, automatically re-establishing data connection in seconds. You don’t have to touch your radio; your on screen display will simply switch to the new icon.

Current and future intergration

The Connected Vehicle is designed to integrate seamlessly with all existing and upcoming data devices and systems; ensuring your investment is future proof.

Coverage and different device networks across the network

The Connected Vehicle keeps you safe in radio black spots by automatically switching to the coverage that keeps you connected.

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