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Take push-to-talk further

WAVE PTX Government - a flexible, multi-tenanted communications service that extends the reach of mission critical radio systems and provides interoperable voice and multimedia communications.

WAVE PTX Government

WAVE PTX Government is a subscription service based on 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) standards hosted on Azure Australia Central cloud.

Secure, local-based Cloud access

WAVE PTX Government is hosted in geo-redundant Azure Australia Central cloud in Canberra Data Centres and customers can choose the carrier network provider that best suits their needs.

Standards Compliance

WAVE PTX Government is based on 3GPP MCPTT standards to enhance safety, situational awareness, and operational efficiency for public safety agencies on LMR and broadband networks.

Interoperability made easy

WAVE PTX Government together with Critical Connect provides interoperability with and between LMR and broadband networks, to enable seamless PTT communications.

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Enhance Situational Awareness with WAVE PTX Government

How to buy

WAVE PTX Government Mobile Application

Turn your smartphone into a push-to-talk handset and get instant communication at the touch of a button.

Advanced PTT Communication

Instantly communicate with groups or individuals, or use broadcast calling to quickly communicate to large groups.

Integrated secure multimedia messaging

Increase the speed and clarity of multimedia information and access the threaded history for communication details.

Location and mapping

Share your location, view and track your teams’ locations on a map, find an address, or drop a pin on a map and share.

WAVE PTT Mobile App

Find it on the App Store or Google play

WAVE PTX Government Dispatch Application

Centralise communication anywhere.

Web-based dispatching

Login with you email ID from any PC and get the latest features with no software to install or maintain.

Integrated secure messaging

Allows dispatcher to text, share multimedia content and share location as an attachment to individuals or talk groups.

Location and mapping

Track fleet members, geofence, view location history, and manage emergencies through an intuitive user interface.

WAVE PTT Dispatch

WAVE PTX Government MCPTT Features

MCPTT-compliant features now available on WAVE PTX Government mobile and dispatch applications. Enhance situational awareness and improve responsiveness by staying in sync with users.

Talkgroup affiliation

Users and dispatchers can target a specific group for all PTT communications. Dispatchers can also remotely change a users’ affiliation.

Role-based login

Users can select their role and associated contacts, talkgroups and permissions when logging into the Mobile and Dispatch Apps.

Operational status message

Quickly send predefined messages such as on-duty, on-route, at -incident to dispatchers and other authorised users

MCX talkgroups

The MCX talkgroup supports up to 300,000 users with 3,000 users concurrently affiliated with the talkgroup.

Video streaming

Feature for Mobile and Dispatch that allows users to stream live video to individuals, groups or dispatchers with the push of a button.

Simultaneous audio sessions

Dispatchers can simultaneously monitor voice activity and control audio assignments on multiple groups.

WAVE PTX Government
Seamless communication across your devices


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