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Unify workflows with integrated solutions


PremierOne Mobile

Accurate and informed response for improved awareness and safety.


PremierOne Records

Robust, scalable and completely secure records management.


PremierOne Cloud Suite

PremierOne CAD, Mobile and Records unified in the cloud.


Safer Cities. Thriving Communities.

First responders can be in danger at any moment of the day. Whatever the situation, public safety operations depend on immediate access to the most accurate information available.

PremierOne CAD is transforming public safety and dispatch operations. It streamlines the capture, correlation and real-time distribution of mission critical information for improved dispatch decision making and increased responder awareness and safety.


Responder Map Locate

Quickly locate responders on your CAD map


Improve efficiency with integrated call control

secure computer aided dispatch police

Improve agency security


Integrate on-premises deployments with RapidSOS

police sheriff dispatch vehicle

Appropriately allocate unit resources

dispatch software police reporting

Easily run system and dispatch reports

police safety responder alert

Improve responder safety through responder alerts

Android Smartphone

Seamless mobile connection to field responders

Key capabilities

Dispatch the Right Resources with Confidence

PremierOne CAD software allows dispatchers to access complete data on every situation including the incoming call, related records and responder location and status. With access to all critical information, you can help support a safer and more prepared response. PremierOne CAD software helps improve your team’s response times, efficiently allocate resources and better inform first responders through greater information gathering and situational awareness.

Strengthen Situational Awareness

Access previous incidents and current information relating to the location, situation and caller without disrupting natural dispatch workflow. Dispatchers are able to provide field responders with complete information including who they are dealing with as well as how to prepare and respond for the best results.

Improve Responder Safety

Enhance your dispatch workflow with integrated access to quickly and accurately determine current responder location and status while also maintaining communication in the field. Send critical information to responders with CAD-to-radio messaging and promptly request backup from nearby units with emergency button activation and console integration, providing accurate responder location.

Speed Response by Minimizing Data Entry

Provide a seamless flow of essential information in to the dispatcher and out to first responders in order to minimize points of data entry. This allows for a faster, clearer workflow that’s necessary for keeping both your officers and civilians safe.

Integrated apps


Product information

Motorola Solutions PremierOne

PremierOne Brochure

Overview of PremierOne on-premises suite

Cloud Computer aided dispatch software

PremierOne Cloud CAD Brochure

Learn about PremierOne Cloud CAD deployment option

PremierOne CAD Disaster Recovery

PremierOne CAD Disaster Recovery as a Service

Protect critical data. Ensure continuity of operations.

Motorola Radio police software

PremierOne CAD Motorola Radio Integration

See the exact location of field personnel

PremierOne CAD Services

Services for PremierOne

Minimize downtime and service disruptions

call taker dispatcher

PremierOne CAD and CallWorks CallStation

Increase call taker focus for faster response

call taker dispatcher

PremierOne CAD and CallWorks CallStation

Increase call taker focus for faster response

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CAD improves safety

CASE STUDY: Real-time crime center enhances safety

The City of New Orleans

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CASE STUDY: Embracing change to save lives

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