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Device Services


Don't get left behind. Simplify your radio programming and stay up to date.

Reliable management of your communication devices

We provide expertise dedicated to supporting your device management needs.

58% of users surveyed reprogram their radios once a year - or more...

Survey respondents provided input that clearly listed the challenges most organisations experience in this easy to use ebook. Move from reactive to proactive services to better manage your fleet.

Moving from reactive to proactive radio management services.

Follow DuPage County's story on Consolidation and Integration.

Manage complexity with proactive device management.

Washington, DC Office of Unified Communications shares their best practices and address how to get started with device management and what the benefits are.

Select the right service package for your radios

Services for APX™ two-way radios

Choose from essential, advanced and premier service packages to maintain and program your APX™ two-way radios for peak performance.

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Services for APX NEXT two-way radios

With APX NEXT services you can take advantage of efficient day-to-day radio management and next-gen application services at a predictable cost.

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Services for Tetra two-way radios

Protect your TETRA radios against any type of damage, from wear and tear to accidental breakage.

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You can count on our solutions to keep pace with innovation at a predictable cost.

Service from the start

Service from the start

Every second counts when running a business or responding to an emergency. Last thing you need is to worry that someone’s device is broken - leaving you scrambling to find budget to get it repaired.

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Device repair

Device repair

Keep your radios and infrastructure devices in peak condition by leveraging Motorola's expert repair service.

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Our rental team offers a wealth of experience and expertise across all aspects of digital two-way radio communications and applications.

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Everything now is software driven from the standpoint of maintenance. We live in exciting times with where the technology has taken us.

John Lozar

System Coordinator, DI-COMM, DuPage County

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