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Real-Time Intelligence Operations

“I provide eyes and ears for responders arriving on scene.”

Unify your operations and improve situational awareness with a complete, single operational view - including responder location and status, real-time video feeds, and alerts for man down, vest pierce and vehicle impact.

Have eyes on the scene in seconds.

Unify your team with one view and one workflow for a safe and rapid response.

Act with context

Inform the right response by accessing all incident data sets from one consolidated map.

Protect first responders

Respond quickly to improve responder safety with automatic map alerts that pinpoint what’s happening the second an incident escalates.

Maximize the power of video

Deliver unprecedented visibility of a scene with access to all cameras in a single operational view, with easy evidentiary tagging and storing.

Situational Awareness Software

A major city manages as many as 10,000 video feeds.* Are you ready?

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Situational Awareness Software

Strengthen every response with unprecedented visibility of the scene.

CommandCentral Aware

Provide a complete operating picture that integrates critical real-time intelligence in a single display including video, alerts and mapping data.

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CAPE Drone Software

Pilot drones on scene and from remote locations, livestream drone video to anywhere in the world as well as capture and manage evidence-grade flight video and images, with CAPE.

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Agencies can mobilize rich intelligence to the field as incidents escalate.


Improving outcomes through real-time intelligence

New Orleans integrates voice, video, CAD information and alerts into a single crime center position to coordinate better responses in critical situations.

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If we continue to use technology in this manner, Detroit will become one of the safest big cities in America.

James Craig

James Craig

Police Chief, Detroit Police Department, MI

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