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Consolidation and Radio Integration leads to better Agency Collaboration in DuPage County, Illinois


In 2010 the county decided to join the Motorola owned and operated STARCOM21 statewide system to create an interoperable radio communication system county wide. The STARCOM21 system is a statewide Project 25 trunked radio system. It is used by the state police, state toll highway authority and multiple counties. With over 240 hardened radio sites throughout the state it provides a robust interoperable communication platform for public safety agencies.

“With the STARCOM 21 system, we are able to change on the fly depending on what situations are happening; active shooter incidents, major traffic accidents, snow events,” shared Zerwin. “We’re able to move to different talk groups and redistribute our radio traffic effectively, and communicate as needed.”

Customer Profile


  • Collar county of Chicago
  • Serves a population of 930,128
  • Covers 336 square miles

Emergency Telephone System Board

  • Serves 62 municipal and county agencies
  • Utilizes the STARCOM21 statewide radio system
  • Operates 3500 public safety radios
  • Manages three state-of-the-art consolidated dispatch centers
  • Annually, over 1 million 9-1-1 calls handled and over 2 million calls come in overall


“We had a hostage situation with multiple agencies responding and we discovered we were unable to effectively communicate. So we looked for an interoperable radio system to bring them all under one umbrella as a countywide unified system."

- Linda Zerwin, Executive Director,
Emergency Telephone System Board for DuPage County.

Executive Summary

The Challenge: Lack of Coordinated Response

Operating on 12 separate radio systems, dispatched by 22 different PSAPs, county and municipal public safety agencies in DuPage County were frustrated by the inability in an emergency to effectively communicate across agencies and coordinate operations.

The Solution: Consolidation and Integration

Ensuring interoperability, sixty two municipalities and county agencies joined the STARCOM 21 statewide radio system standardizing on the APX radio platform. Then dispatch centers in DuPage County consolidated around three centers that can simultaneously dispatch police, fire and EMS. To make sure the 3500 radios are ready to perform, comprehensive device management services were added.

The Benefit: Saving Money: Saving Lives

While enhancing interoperability, improving response time and advancing agency coordination, the communication consolidation has saved taxpayers $7 million a year in personnel costs and $4million in hard costs. With a reliable, well managed, interoperable system, available 24X7, first responders in DuPage County are able to forget about the technology and focus on saving lives.

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