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V500 Body Camera

Meet your best witness. The V500 body camera is a radical evolution of our industry-leading body camera platform, enabling you to leverage real-time intelligence for a more collaborative, effective response.

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Effortless connectivity. Reliable insights.

Focus on the task, not your technology. Leverage the V500's advanced connectivity to supervise events,
process evidence and manage devices while your team is still in the field.


Understand events
as they unfold

See what your officers see in real-time to improve situational awareness and coordinate a more effective response - wherever you are.

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On-demand offload,
lighter workload

Start building your case sooner. Obtain footage over LTE while officers are still in the field, or use the Smart Dock’s rapid offload functionality.


Manage hardware
from anywhere

Deploy your cameras how you want, and minimise downtime while officers are at work with remote management.

Capture incidents easily

We designed the V500 to be ruggedized and resilient, with as much storage as you need and a host of configurable recording triggers, so you can keep everyone safe while still capturing vital information.

Excellent video quality and 128GB storage capacity

Losing evidence isn’t an option. Capture high-definition video with pre- and post-recording buffers for a full shift - overtime and all.

Configurable buttons and recording behaviour

Customise your camera for your role and duties. Use as many or as few controls as required, and enable beeps, vibrations and LEDs.

Holster and body camera recording triggers

Trigger your V500 to start recording immediately, without manual intervention, when a weapon is unholstered or when another V500 starts recording.

Transform intelligence into evidence

Body cameras are a critical part of your operation - but they’re only the beginning. Go beyond the body camera by leveraging the power of the end-to-end Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem to keep your team, and the public, safe.

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Ensure you can always capture evidence, even when caught off-guard; trigger your V500 to start recording immediately when your radio enters an emergency state.

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Fixed Video Systems

See the full context of an event and leverage existing investments by viewing fixed and body-worn video side-by-side in the same VMS, such as Avigilon Unity.

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TETRA radios

Leverage your lifeline to capture vital footage when situations start escalating; your radio can trigger your V500 to start recording, via Bluetooth.

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Single PC or enterprise use


Use our powerful device and evidence management software to handle V500 footage and securely share it with the judicial system as needed.

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Interested in learning more about the V500 body camera?

Make the most of your V500 body camera footage

Your V500 body cameras are only as good as the backend software handling them. Our trusted, flexible software can be hosted in the cloud or installed on-premises, for complete control over your data and workflows.

Optimise cameras for every user

Effortlessly administer your cameras and the videos they capture - no matter the size of your suite or the different roles within your team.

From capture to closure, all in one

We cover every step of a video’s journey - spanning ingest, sharing and deletion - in one user interface so content is available when needed.

Automate away the inefficiencies

With more videos, devices and users in one place than ever before, we've built-in advanced automation to keep workloads manageable and data processing efficient.

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