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Motorola Solutions acquires Noggin, a global provider of critical event management software. Learn more

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Combine the situational awareness of your CAD and the productivity of your RMS into one, source-agnostic app - designed for in-field use from a phone, tablet or even in-vehicle displays.

Motorola Solutions acquires Noggin, a global provider of critical event management software. Learn more

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Keeping the frontline aware and productive - on your terms.

PSCore Android and iOS equips your team with the tools they need to complete key tasks from anywhere - so you can better serve your community, while also saving critical time and resources.

Manage your incident response from the field

With unprecedented visibility of your patrol area, incidents, and other units, you can respond to emergencies more quickly and safely than ever.

Whether you’re a supervisor or first responder, you can now leverage real-time information via a phone or in-vehicle media unit to provide an efficient incident response from the field.

Access key intelligence from a single screen

Use key operational information to make the right decisions: easily search local and national systems while you’re still on the streets.

With unified, organised results from your existing RMS, you can be aware of potential hazards from anywhere - while you’re checking vehicle registrations or comparing a suspect’s fingerprints.

Write reports with confidence

Reduce trips back to the station and instantly increase report accuracy and completeness with event forms and workflows defined by you - not us.

Linked closely to the dispatch and search capabilities, your teams can complete reports, intelligence gathering and compliance actions in the field with minimal keystrokes and effort.

Dispatch. Search. Report. Log.
Combined in one intuitive app.

PSCore is comprised of four key modules - dispatch, search, reporting and an activity log. Each one provides critical functionality, tailored to your team's key responsibilities.

pscore tasking

Manage incidents, review broadcasts, receive patrol directives, respond to critical alerts and see other unit locations - all in a unified, organised display.

pscore search results

Find people, vehicles, organisations or locations across various databases with color-coded risk indicators and linked, easy-to-read entity summaries.

pscore event reporting

Capture and submit event information easily with multimedia attachment support and a secure, protected offline mode.

pscore activity log

PSCore automatically adds all in-app user actions to its activity log. Users can also manually create their own events for additional detail.

Synchronised CAD incident management

Monitor, respond to and manage incidents as dispatched by your organisation’s CAD, or manually add your own incidents - all from your phone or vehicle.

Broadcasts, directives
and alerts

Enhance your team’s awareness while they’re on the move: PSCore enables you to broadcast patrol tasks to specific units, and can also send alerts from other integrated systems.

Voiceless dispatch
via push notifications

Ensure a timely, informed response with real-time notifications that automatically link to the appropriate application screen so you can quickly view new, critical information.

Flexible, free-text

Find people, vehicles, organisations or locations using a single, free-text search bar. A breadth of available search inputs provides natural language-like simplicity.

Discreet search result
risk indicators

Easily identify potentially dangerous situations with color-coded borders around entities that have alerts or warnings associated with them.

Smart, linked
search results

View details for an entity, organised into an easy-to-read format. Toggle between details sourced from various databases - linked together with a unique identifier.

Customisable reporting templates

Focus on the data that matters to you, with fields, labels and dropdowns adjusted to your narrative priorities.

Multimedia attachment support

Provide additional context for an event by adding key videos, photos, scanned documents, sketches and even room layouts to a report.

Secure, protected
offline mode

Create draft events with no or limited connectivity that are stored locally and securely. Upon reconnecting simply validate relevant data elements and submit.

system auditing

Every request that is sent from PSCore to an integration service generates a system event stored in an audit log that can be forwarded to your audit system.

Usage and performance reporting

Reporting data is stored in PSCore and used for general monitoring purposes. If desired, specific data can be reported in monthly service delivery reports.

User satisfaction

To keep track of your users’ experience with PSCore, we include an experience rating function that measures sentiment and engagement.

Key dispatch and search functionality, on the go

Use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to receive distraction-free updates sent to, and read from, your in-vehicle media display unit while you’re en route to an incident.

Arrive on-scene safe and informed

Seamlessly rely on turn-by-turn navigation, and receive updates sent directly to your vehicle display.

Take voice commands on the road

Dynamically update your unit status and incident details, and conduct database searches, via in-vehicle voice commands.

pscore carplay

See how the NHVR saves 15 minutes per vehicle intercept with PSCore.

Deployment flexibility to meet your needs

PSCore works around your existing technology infrastructure: deploy on-premises, in a private cloud or as a fully managed service in our enterprise cloud environment.

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Ready for a demo of the PSCore mobile app platform?