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Focus on the outcome, not the technology, with solutions that are second nature

Focus on your operation, not your network with Motorola Solutions' ASTRO 25 integrated voice and data network, a Project 25 standards based, mission critical seamless communication for public safety agencies and commercial businesses alike. Whether it’s mission critical or business critical, ASTRO allows seamless, reliable communication, for when the seconds count. 

How to Buy


Critical communications and real world performance - ASTRO 25 delivers the uncompromising voice and data services you demand.

  • Motorola Site Development Solutions


    ASTRO 25 site equipment is Project 25 (P25) standards-based with the flexibility to be configured in to meet your needs for conventional or trunked systems.


    The ASTRO 25 core is at the heart of a Motorola Solutions P25 IP system. Powerful servers and proven software are leveraged to reliably and cost-effectively support a variety of critical voice and data services.

  • ASTRO 25 Network Encryption

    Enhance the security of your voice communications and keep conversations private with advanced technology designed to protect sensitive operations.


Keep your personnel and the community safer than ever before with P25 portable radios. 

  • APX™ 6000 P25 Portable Radio

    APX™ 6000 P25 Portable Radio

    A smart investment delivering leading edge technology in a lightweight design with single band operation and future P25 Phase 2 capability. View Product Tour

  • APX™ 6000XE P25 Portable Radio

    APX™ 6000XE P25 Portable Radio

    Designed for gloved users working in extreme environments with exaggerated ergonomics and rugged specifications. Ideal for agencies requiring advanced features in a smaller, single-band form factor.

  • APX™ 2000 P25 Portable Radio

    Durable and compact with key features in an easy to use design. The APX 2000 is ideal for agencies requiring a budget friendly P25 Phase 2 solution.

  • APX™ 3000 P25 Portable Radio

    Explore how the APX 3000 P25 TDMA capable covert radio can help you communicate securely while blending into the surroundings.


Mobile radios link a team together, enhance productivity and ensure reliable communications for swift, effective operations.

  • APX 6500

    APX™ 6500 P25 Mobile Radio

    Our APX mobile radios deliver exceptional performance by combining advanced voice and data technology with our legendary quality.

  • APX 4500 P25 Mobile Radio

    APX™ 2500 P25 Mobile Radio

    Compact, easy-to-install dash mount design with basic features. Ideal for agencies requiring a budget-friendly P25 mobile solution.

  • APX Dual Radio

    APX™ Dual Radio

    Ideal for first responders, the APX Dual Radio enables users to monitor and scan up to four different frequency bands via a single O7 control head.

  • VRX Vehicle Radio Extender

    VRX1000 Vehicle Radio Extender

    The VRX1000 provides public safety first responders the ability to achieve a wider range of coverage for two-way radio communication in conventional or trunking operations.


Supplement voice communications, reduce costs and empower users with new ways to access and share information. With better information, your personnel can make better decisions and ultimately achieve better outcomes.


Service solutions can help you immediately cut costs to plan, deploy and manage critical networks while ensuring network security and reliability. Motorola’s solutions are the answer when you can’t compromise on reliability or security, and you can’t afford to waste money in the process.

  • Service from the Start

    Every second counts when running a business or responding to an emergency. The last thing you need is to worry that someone’s device is broken – leaving you scrambling to find budget to get it repaired and back in service.

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