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Cybersecurity Resource Center Cybersecurity Resource Center Cybersecurity Resource Center

Cybersecurity Resource Center

Explore our cybersecurity resource center to learn more about how we help public safety and enterprise organizations defend against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity resources

Technical papers and brochures

Cybersecurity Services Overview

Our security services span your mission-critical ecosystem and IT network, endpoints and cloud.

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Cybersecurity Advisory Services

A comprehensive overview of our services for enterprise organizations and public safety.

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Managed Services and Support

An overview of challenges facing public safety and how our Managed Support and Services can help.

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How to avoid cloud data breaches

Read about recent cloud breaches, how they happened and how you can avoid making similar mistakes.

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Overcoming cloud misconfigurations

Learn about configuration risk factors and prioritization for cloud infrastructure, SaaS and DevOps.

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Cloud monitoring challenges

Although the benefits of moving to the cloud are clear, it presents unique security challenges.

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Security features of Office 365

Learn about the Office 365 security features and third-party products and services that protect you.

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Securing communication in the cloud

Learn about the people, processes, and technology that differentiate cloud providers.

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Mission-Critical cloud security

CommandCentral is the first end-to-end public safety software platform in the cloud.

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Endpoint detection and response

A strong cyber strategy includes advanced endpoint detection and response to fight today’s threats.

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Update your endpoint security

Security controls and technologies that address threats have matured and are more cost effective.

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LMR cybersecurity study

Our survey showed a disconnect between the perception of cybersecurity importance and efforts.

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Integrating incident response

Integrating incident response and business continuity helps you respond to attacks efficiently.

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Cyber pain points: are you ready?

Learn what to do in an environment that has a risk of compromise due to our connected world.

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Hacker secrets revealed

We share our top five technical findings and lessons learned from risk assessments.

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The evolution of threat hunting

Proactive threat hunting finds attackers that have bypassed your security controls.

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10 tips for selecting an MSSP

Read about best practices to follow when selecting an MSSP (managed security services provider).

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Ensuring continuity of operations

With NSOC, our advanced systems facilitate Emergency Services-grade monitoring and management.

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Threat reports

2022 Cyber Threats to Public Safety

This report examines cyber threats to public safety agencies in the past year.

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Solution briefs

Discover system vulnerabilities

Penetration testing assesses the effectiveness of your technical controls, policies and procedures.

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Reduce network vulnerability

Not all attacks can be stopped - but are you doing everything you can to protect your technology?

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Ensure compliance and fight attacks

Our experts can assess current conformance and create a plan to get you on the path to compliance.

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Efficiently respond to attacks

Read about how Motorola Solutions can help you combat against cyber attacks.

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Be prepared with tabletop exercise

Test people, processes and technology with a tabletop exercise to prepare before disaster strikes.

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Cloud security services for IT

Adopt cloud computing with the promise of increased efficiency, scalability and improved agility.

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Advanced Threat Insights

Proactively searching for threats can help you prepare for potential issues and respond sooner.

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Endpoint security for IT

Next generation (EDR) solutions offer more capabilities to detect and prevent cyber-attacks.

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Threat detection for IT

EDR solutions offer more capabilities than traditional antivirus solutions to prevent cyber-attacks.

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Protect PremierOne(R) CAD system

Monitor your PremierOne CAD system to detect and remediate potential cybersecurity threats.

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Protect your VESTA™ 9-1-1 system

Identify weakness through vulnerability scanning and enable faster response to cyber attacks.

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ASTRO managed detection & response

Monitor security infrastructure and systems 24/7 in the ASTRO (RNI), (CENs), and IT networks.

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Google Workspace security

ActiveEyeSM integrates with Google’s APIs to collect and analyze data from your environment.

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IT network security services

Centralize security monitoring for on-premises IT networks.

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Robust patching mitigates risk

Software needs to periodically be updated and patched to protect you from outside cyberattacks.

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Cybersecurity training

Our Cybersecurity Hub provides timely, relevant and custom-fit cybersecurity training.

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Office 365 security

ActiveEye gives you the visibility you need for Office 365 security.

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ASTRO 25 systems and NIST

The NIST framework is used in our development, implementation and operational support lifecycle.

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Lifecycle management services

Sophisticated technologies require periodic updates so your system stays current and future-proof.

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Security patching upgrades

Cyber attacks are increasing and more impactful. Learn how security patching protects your network.

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Videos and more

Cybersecurity services videos

Explore our video library to learn more about our cybersecurity services and cyber trends.

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ActiveEye video

Learn about the ActiveEye Managed Security Platform and its features to safeguard your organization.

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31 days of cybersecurity awareness

This infographic has 31 tips to help everyone learn more about cybersecurity.

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Featured blogs

4 Cyber incident scenarios to test

Learn about different scenarios you can use to make sure your team is ready for any cyber incident.

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Cyber information sharing

The Public Safety Threat Alliance will provide public safety agencies with cyber threat information.

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Protect against spear phishing

Spear phishing remains one of the most common and effective targeted cyber attacks.

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Proactive cyber threat hunting

Proactively searching for threats can help you prepare for potential issues before an attack occurs.

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Cyber criminals target public

Motorola Solutions sheds light on how cyber criminals target public safety in the new report.

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Cyber attacks can lead to downtime. Are you ready?

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