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NIBW: GAC Treatment Facility

NIBW GAC Treatment Facility (NGTF)

The NIBW GAC Treatment Facility (NGTF) is located adjacent to the MRTF, just south of McDonald Drive on Cattletrack Road in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The NGTF is owned by Motorola Solutions, and operated by the City of Scottsdale (COS) in accordance with plans approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).

This facility provides treatment to remove trichloroethylene (TCE) from groundwater extracted from the lower alluvial unit by well PCX-1, a well owned and operated by Salt River Project (SRP).  Together with the other companies involved, Motorola worked closely with SRP to install well PCX-1 on the Arizona Canal bank approximately 3,500 feet south of the southernmost EPCOR well with the purpose of extracting groundwater containing TCE before it reached the EPCOR well-field.

 The NGTF is capable of treating an average of 2,400 gallons per minute of groundwater extracted from well PCX-1.  The NGTF also provides space for future expansion to potentially treat other wells to enhance the NIBW remedy. The NGTF is operated by COS, a proven, reliable partner at the NIBW site, with the treated water distributed to the COS potable water system. This facility uses liquid phase GAC technology, thus no separate air controls are necessary or required. Motorola Solutions retains ownership of the land and facility. Immediately north of the NGTF is a xeriscaped pollinator garden, certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council, along with a COS-sponsored public art sculpture that was installed in the Fall of 2014 and dedicated in April 2015. A path through the garden provides access between Cattletrack Road and the Arizona Canal bank.