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We work to minimize environmental impact in our supply chain We work to minimize environmental impact in our supply chain We work to minimize environmental impact in our supply chain

We work to minimize environmental impact in our supply chain

At Motorola Solutions, we recognize that our responsibility to the environment extends past our operations. We actively engage our suppliers on environmental issues aligned with our goals.

Environmental responsibility in our supply chain

Our suppliers have a key role in helping us to achieve our environmental goals. We aim to work collaboratively across our supply chain to embed sustainable practices in the development of our products. We require annual feedback on environmental performance from our suppliers to ensure they continue to align to our goals and values.

Green procurement

Green procurement

We have a global procurement policy which outlines guidelines for prioritizing suppliers who are active in reducing environmental impacts, including factors such as greenhouse gas emissions, waste production, energy efficiency, and water use.

Supplier environmental requirements

As part of our value chain, our suppliers’ activities contribute to our overall carbon footprint and environmental impact. Therefore, suppliers are required to establish Environmental Impact Reduction Plans which align with Motorola Solutions’ goals and also to report regularly on the status as it relates to Motorola Solutions’ operations per our supplier code of conduct.

Controlled and reportable materials disclosure

The W18 specification sets materials disclosure requirements and acceptance criteria for items and materials used in the manufacture and delivery of products to our customers.

Reference list of substances

We expect that suppliers understand the substance regulations around the world; know the substances of concern in the items they manufacture; have processes to control these in their supply chains; and verify this through reporting. Refer to the reference list for help identifying these substances.

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Full materials disclosure training

Motorola Solutions provides resources and training to assist our suppliers, including this training which demonstrates how to use the MSI Environmental Compliance Web Form to upload full material content data.

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Miscellaneous IP Form

When a supplier cannot report a substance comprising over 10 percent of a material due to intellectual property concerns, they have the option to fill out this form.

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For any additional questions on our materials disclosure process, please refer to our frequently asked questions page or contact us via email at W18submittal@motorolasolutions.com

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Ozone depleting substances Ozone depleting substances Ozone depleting substances

Ozone depleting substances

Materials suppliers to Motorola are required to certify that products imported into the U.S. do not contain or are not manufactured with processes that use any Class I ozone-depleting chemicals (ODCs). To learn about this process, please review the Motorola Supplier ODC certification form.

W18 reporting information: Translations

In simplified Chinese

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In simplified Korean

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In simplified Japanese

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