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Police Records Management Software

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PremierOne Records is the critical enabler in this information age. Leverage it to simplify incident reporting, more easily manage mass amounts of data and prepare cases for court.

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Is Your Data A Benefit Or Burden?

Information is at the heart of policing. But new reporting standards as well as more images, video, audio and other types of information are creating new complexity in once simple workflows - reducing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

PremierOne Records is robust and scalable, completely secure and configurable to your needs. It simplifies reporting for officers, makes data management easy for records staff and helps detectives quickly prepare cases for court.


Simplify Information Collection

Relieve the burden of the traditional incident reporting process. Dynamic, field-based reporting, pre-populated with call for service or previous search details, ensures data entry occurs one time, correctly and in as few clicks as possible. 

To further reduce data entry and rework, officers can add existing record data into reports and verify UCR and IBR compliance in real-time. For even faster completion, reports can also be worked on simultaneously by multiple officers.

To supplement incident reports, audio, video and images can be collected, with chain of custody intact, to provide greater clarity and context to the incident.

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Overcome Management Complexity

Keep your records staff successful with powerful tools that help them do more, faster. Configurable report approval workflows ensure efficient, thorough reviews and more accurate crime data submission to the state and FBI. De-duplication, merge and expunge capabilities then help maintain record quality and legality.

For digital evidence, integration with CommandCentral Vault provides access to a repository of all agency content to be managed together, with your records.

And, to better understand your data and general agency activity, a variety of standard or custom-built reports can be run on any dataset.

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Quickly Prepare Cases For Court

Provide detectives with all of the information they need to clear cases - in one place. Intelligent case folders compile reports with all relevant content sourced from CommandCentral Vault for quick incident review. Relationship mapping can then be used to visualize connections in your information to help identify leads.

Tasks can be created, assigned and tracked as well as the case monitored by command staff to ensure a collaborative and diligent investigation is conducted.

When ready, digitally share cases with judicial partners, with a thorough activity log, to avoid printing, disk burning and physical transportion of materials.

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Scalable & Robust

PremierOne Records can easily expand to include new users and integrate with other systems, making it perfect for multi-agency deployments. And, with CommandCentral Vault integration you are prepared to manage all data - structured or unstructured.


Highly Configurable

Meet the needs of your agency, and others in a multi-agency system, without compromising off-the-shelf simplicity. Tailor navigation, modules and form fields, workflows and more to your exact needs without custom coding.


Completely Secure

Access to and protection of your information is controlled by parameters you set and meets CJIS requirements. Even in multi-agency deployments, strict permissions can be set to control access to information while still making it easy to share.


Next-Gen Records Management Is Here


The definition of a record is changing...

No longer is it just the forms and reports an officer completes - names, time, date, location, description - but the video, audio, images, sensor data and more that were captured throughout the incident lifecycle.

All of this information, easily collected and visualized together, allows officers to do more patrolling and connect with the citizens they serve as well as provides the necessary clarity for investigators and prosecutors to close more cases. It also becomes the foundation for analysts and command staff to derive the insights that prevent more crime from occurring in the future. 

PremierOne Records is the cornerstone in this evolution. Click the image to the right to hear more from Rohan Galloway-Dawkins, Director of Records & Evidence Product Management on next-generation records management. And, for more information visit

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