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Security - Hall of Fame Members

On behalf of our users, partners and customers, we would like to thank the following people for making a responsible disclosure to us:

2020 Members

  1. Aakash Adhikari (dark_haxor)
  2. Julien Cretel (jub0bs)
  3. Nguyen Tuan Anh
  4. Levent (cyberthereaper)
  5. Vinayak Sakhare
  6. Peter (inf0seq)

2019 Members

  1. Bharat (mrnoob) 
  2. Atul Nair (solo2202)
  3. Robbie Wiggins (Random Robbie)
  4. Tinu Tomy (xskullx) 
  5. Sumit Grover (sumgr0) 

2018 Members

  1. Abhaychandra Bhaskar Chede (Suman Bhaskar Sujata)
  2. Robert Wiggins (Random Robbie) 
  3. Mitesh Patil