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Motorola Solutions Bug Submission Program

Motorola Solutions Bug Submission Program

Motorola Solutions takes pride in our Quality Leadership in all that we do. Trusting us to ensure quality continues to maintain and grow our favorable reputation worldwide. Motorola Solutions recognizes the important role that security researchers play in helping to keep Motorola Solutions and our customers secure. We also appreciate researchers following responsible disclosure practices and not prematurely revealing vulnerability information during the time required to address a problem. Premature public disclosure can place our customers and users at increased levels of risk.

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability or issue on any Motorola Solutions and/or affiliated (e.g. Motorola Solutions Inc., MSI) domains, we encourage you to let us know right away. However, before reporting, please take the time to review and follow our proper Responsible Disclosure Policy and Responsible Disclosure Terms & Conditions.

Responsible Disclosure - Policy

When reporting a security vulnerability to Motorola Solutions, we ask that:

  • You give us reasonable time to investigate and mitigate an issue you report before making any information contained in the report public.

  • You do not exploit a security issue you discover for any reason. This includes demonstrating additional risk, such as attempts to compromise sensitive company data or probing for additional issues.

  • You do not intentionally violate any other applicable laws or regulations.

  • You do not violate any privacy rules, privacy regulations, or cause disruptions to others including, but not limited to unauthorized access to or destruction of data and interruption or degradation of our services.

  • You read and align with Motorola Solutions Company Privacy Policy.

  • You adhere to our Responsible Disclosure Terms & Conditions.

Responsible Disclosure - Terms & Conditions

  • If you inadvertently or intentionally access proprietary customer, employee, or business related information during your testing, the information must not be used, disclosed, stored, or recorded in any way. Access to any such data must be declared as part of your vulnerability report.

  • By submitting information about a potential security vulnerability, you are granting Motorola Solutions a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use your submission for the purpose of addressing security vulnerabilities in Motorola Solutions products and services.

  • By submitting a security vulnerability report, you affirm that you have not previously disclosed the security vulnerability to anyone other than Motorola Solutions. Absent Motorola Solutions prior written consent, any disclosure outside of this process would be a violation of the terms & conditions of the Program.