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Radio Surveillance Audio Accessories

Compare up to 4 Surveillance Accessories

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  • BDN6666

    Single-wire receive-only surveillance kit with volume control

  • BDN6668

    Beige 3-wire surveillance kit

  • BDN6728

    Receive-Only Earpiece with Volume Control and Earloop (1-wire), Black.

  • BDN6730A

    This black, 3-wire earpiece has a separate microphone and Push-to-Talk feature.

  • BDN6729A

    Earpiece with Microphone and Push-to-Talk Combined (2-Wire), Black

  • BDN6731

    3-Wire Receive-Only Surveillance Kit with Extra-Loud Earpiece, Black, 3.5mm Threaded. Requires BDN6783

  • HKLN4487

    Single wire surveillance earpiece

  • HKLN4477

    Single-wire Surveillance Kit with translucent tube and comfortable rubber eartip.

  • PMLN6123

    IMPRES 3-wire black surveillance kit.

  • PMLN6127

    IMPRES 2-wire black surveillance kit allows the user to both transmit and receive discreet communications.

  • PMLN5101

    IMPRES Temple Transducer, bone conduction headset.

  • PMLN7157

    Two-wire surveillance kit.

  • PMLN7158

    Single-wire surveillance kit with in-line microphone and PTT.

  • RLN4760

    Small Clear Comfortable Earpiece (Right ear)

  • RLN4761

    Medium Clear Comfortable Earpiece (Right ear)

  • RLN4762

    Large Clear Comfortable Earpiece (Right ear)

  • RLN4763

    Small Clear Comfortable Earpiece (Left ear)

  • RLN4764

    Clear Comfortable Earpiece (Left ear)

  • RLN4765

    This is a comfortable medium ear insert for earpieces, right ear. There are six different models. It fits perfectly inside of the ear. It is used with transparent acoustic tube.

  • RLN5312

    2-wire surveillance kit with translucent tube

  • RLN5313

    Receive-only surveillance kit with translucent tube

  • RLN5314

    Receive-only surveillance kit with translucent tube

  • RLN5887

    High Noise kit. Includes clear acoustic tube and foam earplugs.

  • RLN6242

    Quick disconnect acoustic tube replacement.

  • RLN6282

    Replacement standard rubber ear tips.

  • RLN6511/RLN6512/RLN6513

    Small/Med/Large Hearing Protectors (Sonic Defenders) Ultra Earplugs for use with any surveillance kit or heavy duty headset.

  • PMLN6129

    IMPRES 2-wire black surveillance kit.