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Discontinued Walkie Talkies

These products may no longer be manufactured or available for sale but here you’ll find information on how to upgrade, replace or repair your product.

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  • TLKR T4 Walkie Talkie Consumer Radio

    Easy to use, a simple and compact radio for the whole family. Be it shopping, on the beach or just playing in the garden. The new TLKR T4 is the perfect way of staying in touch when out and about.

  • TLKR T6 Walkie Talkie Consumer Radio

    Fully featured, tough and stylish, the new TLKR T6 is the ideal way to stay connected during outdoor adventures. At home, on the campsite, theme park or hiking.

  • TLKR T8 Walkie Talkie Consumer Radio

    Building on the exceptional TLKR consumer radios, the high specification, rugged but easy to use high tier TLKR 8, offers all the features you need in extreme environments.