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DIMETRA Express Services Packages

It is not always possible to prevent every system incident that may arise. Components can fail over time and outages can occur, but proactive maintenance can reduce the number of failures and swift and effective response can minimise the impact when something does go wrong.

To maintain your DIMETRA Express system so that it continues to operate at optimal levels, Motorola Solutions have developed the following lifecycle support service packages:

DIMETRA EXPRESS WARRANTY. DIMETRA Express is supplied as standard with a 3 year warranty providing software and security updates plus technical support. Hardware repair for one year is also included as standard with an option to extend cover to 3 years.

ESSENTIAL SERVICE PACKAGE provides more cover than the standard warranty with further enhanced service level agreements.

ADVANCED SERVICE PACKAGE builds on the Essential  Service package with Network Updates.

Our authorised resellers can access our service packages, through which we support our partners with our resources and expertise, ensuring that you reap the benefits of our world-class services infrastructure.

Authorised resellers will work with you to find the right level of service to maintain continuous uptime and availability for your DIMETRA Express system.