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    • Why is communication so vital to the success of a business?

      Published May 23 2018, 8:42 AM by Sean Fitzgerald

      What do you value when it comes to building on the current success of your business? Is it perfecting the balance between expenditure and income; ensuring your customers are satisfied enough to not look elsewhere; streamlining all operational processes or having the most robust recovery plans in place for when the unexpected hits?

      All are extremely vital but what value do you give employee communication? Or, more to the point, what value do you give to building the right communication platform? To understand its potential I’ve always believed there are 3 tracks to communication and if you get these right then teams and management can achieve their goals and the entire business strategy is supported:

      1. Efficiency generates savings: one great way to do this is building a team of individuals that works as one, with clear goals and no duplication of effort. Only real-time communication can support this structure
      2. Productivity is hit hard when the unexpected occurs: a rapid reaction is a positive step to ensuring the impact is contained. Of course, there can be no reactions without communication.
      3. Safety is paramount: employees underpin any organisation so to be able to reach them if they come into difficulty is a commitment that can’t be compromised. Instant alerts and immediate response ensure this.

      Efficiency, productivity and safety are the end-game of what can be achieved through the deployment of a reliable communication platform, but how do you get there? When there is no "one-size-fits-all" platform that you can simply pick off the shelf how do you even begin to know what will work for you?


      Common to every business there are three core areas I’ve identified that will help focus a review of your existing platform to assess whether your communication is holding you back from achieving your business goals.

      Spot the warning signs that your existing communication platform isn’t coping.
      Ask yourself if you have more employees, bigger premises, or a workforce that works more remotely, or on their own more often, since you rolled out your current communication solutions.

      Assess if your communication platform supports emergency situations or unplanned downtime.
      Basics such as signal blackspots or device incompatibility between employees may restrict the flow of information when it’s needed most.

      Analyse employee efficiency and activity
      Determine if staff are focused on the most immediate, income generating or target-hitting tasks in an efficient way. Or, are they being diverted from doing so simply because they’re chasing information and going unaware that their expertise is needed?

      I hope this blog has gone some way to unearthing the true potential of communication and why it should be valued as a commodity for helping reach business goals and long term strategies.

      If you've unearthed some concerns take the next step and discover what you can do about rectifying the uncertainties using Motorola Solutions new guide for 2018 : ‘The Role of Communication in Today’s Modern Business: Your step-by-step guide to building a successful communication platform.

      The Role of Communication in Today's Modern Business

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