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Cybersecurity for Mission Critical Communications

Created Mar 25 2022, 9:40 AM by Matthew Hetherington

Similar to what is happening in enterprise, organizations that use Mission Critical communications are under increased pressure to deliver better experiences and outcomes every day. To do so, they are using advanced, connected technologies and even moving to cloud services. The challenge to adopting new technology faster is that organizations must prevent cybercriminals and bad actors from disabling this technology through DDoS attacks, ransomware attacks, phishing, and data theft or compromise. Implementing a strong security mindset in the organization and an infrastructure resilient to attack is top of mind for every organization that uses Mission Critical communications to keep their mission on track

When it comes to Land Mobile Radio, LMR it is increasingly being connected to the internet and enterprise networks. The increased connectivity could give threat actors more opportunities to compromise the critical availability of LMR communication. Defensive measures such as patching, deploying anti-malware solutions and secure configuration are not enough to address the potential for advanced persistent threats (APTs), which are able to discreetly hide in networks until they cause system-wide failure. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to conduct threat hunting activities in their LMR systems to ensure they continually monitor for and address malicious activity in LMR cores.

Motorola Solutions is a trusted Cybersecurity advisor for Mission Critical and IT environments and the company has been working in the Cybersecurity field for many years. Our Threat Intelligence team is focused on better understanding the threats frequently targeting Public Safety and Mission Critical environments and as a result, we have become a reliable partner when protecting our clients. In fact, no other organisation is better placed to advise on the measures to be taken to safeguard our clients' systems and associated technologies and to implement cybersecurity measures.

The Motorola Solutions team is well placed to be the Cybersecurity trusted advisor for our customers. Here is why:

  • Motorola Solutions Cybersecurity Services provides a complete solution to educate employees, identify and remediate risks, and detect and respond to all types of cybersecurity threats 24x7. 
  • Unlike other managed security providers, Motorola Solutions brings a deep understanding of Mission Critical infrastructure, an advanced platform integrated with and built to the standards required for public safety technology, and a rich feed of threat intelligence specific to organizations that use Mission Critical communications.
  • Motorola Solutions Cybersecurity Services provides a strategic partnership.  We fill the gaps in security programs and ensure the right expertise is available when needed to stop the threat and enable the best public safety outcomes.

Sara Lasso de la Vega
Sales Manager 
Cybersecurity Services
Motorola Solutions

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