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Entries » Blog » The MTP8000Ex Series - Just What The Customer Ordered! - Author: Mark La Pensee

The MTP8000Ex Series - Just What The Customer Ordered! - Author: Mark La Pensee

Created Jul 09 2015, 5:00 AM by Clare McFarlane


At Motorola Solutions we are always listening to the voice of the customer. When we started thinking about developing a new ATEX radio it became clear that our customers had 5 key requirements: better audio, better coverage, easier to use, rugged design and ATEX accessories. It also became obvious that they didn’t want just an ATEX radio; they wanted a complete ATEX communications solution.

Motorola has more than 20 years of experience in providing intrinsically safe two-way radios and has shipped more than 100,000 TETRA ATEX radios, making us the leading supplier of TETRA radios for communicating in hazardous environments. We have used all of this knowledge and experience, as well as the experience gained from developing our newer radios like the MTP6000 Series and APX8000, in developing the MTP8000Ex Series TETRA ATEX radios. In short, we've given our customers just what they asked for.

Loud and clear audio - the MTP8000Ex Series has been optimised for excellent audio performance in all types of noisy environments with higher audio power, Automatic Gain Control and Slimport technology.

Enhanced coverage - higher receiver sensitivity and higher transmit power give the MTP8000Ex greater coverage and better in-building performance. The radio also has an LED coverage indicator at the base of the antenna so users can easily see when coverage is good, marginal or poor.

Advanced ergonomics - the MTP8000Ex was designed to be easier to use, from the exaggerated control **** for volume and talkgroup, the tactile keypad, enlarged emergency button and textured PTT button, to the T-Bar grip and top display. The T-bar shape means the radio is easier to hold and harder to drop even in protective gloves and the top display makes it easier to see emergency notifications, talk group status and batter level when worn on the body or at the waist. MTP8000Ex also comes in two variants, the MTP8500Ex with a simple keypad and the MTP8550Ex with a full keypad so users can choose the model that is best suited to their needs. The battery life of the MTP8000Ex has been extended to in excess of 16 hours. Long enough to last for an extended shift or to deal with an unplanned event or an emergency.

Rugged design - the MTP8000Ex series are built to the latest V6 ATEX and IECEx safety standards and are IP65, IP66 and IP67 rated for use in the toughest and most hazardous environments, in both the cold and wet or dust and heat.

ATEX accessories - the ATEX certified Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Remote Speaker Microphone was launched alongside the MTP8000Ex Series to give the customers the complete ATEX communications solutions they need and wanted. With two audio jacks, a NEXUS and a 3.5mm jack, the ANC Remote Speaker Microphone provides the connection to a comprehensive portfolio of ATEX accessories from tactical headsets and twin cup headsets for industrial users to helmet communication solutions and breathing apparatus for Fire and Rescue users.

The MTP8000Ex Series ATEX radios give workers the ability to work safer, work smarter and work anywhere.

Want to know more? Watch our new Youtube video here or learn more about the MTP8000Ex Series TETRA ATEX radios here.

If you’d like to join the conversation about communication in hazardous environments, we’d be delighted to welcome you to the Motorola Solutions Community EMEA LinkedIn Group.

Mark La Pensee
Head of TETRA Subscribers | Product Management
Connect with Mark on LinkedIn at https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/mark-lapensee/0/a13/7b9

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