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    • Overcoming the challenges of communicating in a manufacturing environment- author sean fitzgerald

      Published Dec 09 2016, 8:19 PM by Emily Zervos

      Keeping your workforce connected with MOTOTRBO™

      Motorola Solutions has provided radio solutions to many manufacturing companies over the years. These solutions have helped them to become more productive, more efficient and create a safer working environment for their employees.

      The Challenge:
      One of the main challenges that our customers face is using outdated technology in an industry which is constantly evolving. For instance, one customer whose plant spanned over 17,650m2 (190,000 square feet) was reliant on a one-way paging system. In the event of any issues arising, the supervisor would have to leave the situation to use a wall mounted phone to page the necessary help. This system meant that the same message often had to be repeated several times, and the response times were unsatisfactory. The knock-on effect was longer than necessary unplanned downtimes with increased losses for the company, as both workers and equipment were being underutilised. In fact, research suggests that up to 20% of production is lost[1] when unplanned downtime occurs so it is imperative that issues are resolved in the quickest time possible.

      We have also seen instances where the machinery used, or the physical layout of factories, can cause interference or blackspots with older legacy analogue radios resulting in unreliable communications and limited range.

      The Solution:
      MOTOTRBO seamlessly integrates voice, data, text messaging and GPS to help workers resolve equipment issues and reduce unplanned downtime faster. Employees communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively, wherever they work. All while protecting their safety and enhancing overall productivity.

      With these radios, workers can communicate over a greater range. The digital radios offer twice the call capacity of analogue radios, so more workers can communicate at any time, without worrying about interference from machinery, or other radios.

      MOTOTRBO radios offer Push-To-Talk (PTT) functionality – with the simple push of a button, workers can instantaneously communicate any problems to their colleagues, taking away the need to walk away from the situation and helping eliminate lengthy downtimes. By using the advanced capabilities and business critical features that are available, worker safety can also be enhanced. The Man Down and Lone Worker functions can monitor movement or responsiveness of a worker and automatically call for help when there is a problem. Intelligent Audio helps ensure messages are heard, no matter how quiet or noisy the environment – it automatically adjusts radio volume depending on the level of background noise in the workplace so messages can be delivered clearly.

      To find out more about how MOTOTRBO can increase the productivity and efficiency of your business, click here.

      Sean Fitzgerald is Senior Manger, Solutions Marketing EMEA


      [1] Costs of Downtime in the Manufacturing Industry, eMaint Enterprises, December 2014


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