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Entries » Blog » Be Smart. Be Safe - Authored Sean Fitzgerald

Be Smart. Be Safe - Authored Sean Fitzgerald

Created Jan 26 2016, 6:00 AM by Clare McFarlane

Be Smart. Be Safe.


Factories can be dangerous places and with over 32 million1 employed in this sector across the EU, safety cannot be compromised.

Whilst reports of accidents are falling right across the industry, it's still a concern. In Britain alone, around 10% of all workforce fatalities and nearly 20% of reported non-fatal injuries occurred in manufacturing last year with 14% of major injuries involving moving machinery2. Making factories safer has to be a priority for every responsible manufacturer and smart technology is providing a solution.

How is it doing that? By providing more automated production lines with fewer workers handling machinery. By linking people and equipment together so everyone and everything knows exactly what is happening in real-time. By immediately identifying danger and triggering alerts for a rapid response.

But for all this to work, communication has to evolve. Workers deployed in hazardous areas need the protection of a dedicated radio that's designed for the environment and capable of connecting everyone together securely and seamlessly. Rugged MOTOTRBO™ radios do that with voice and data communications that are not compromised in areas of high noise and poor reception. Safety is built in to these radios with applications such as Lone Worker and Man Down allowing supervisors to monitor staff in isolated areas and spot if a worker becomes incapacitated.

Another important consideration is incompatibility between devices and networks. Smart technology like Motorola's WAVE Workgroup Communications gets around this problem by ensuring all workers can communicate with each other, whichever device they're using from two-way radios to smartphones, tablets or landlines.

When incidents happen or emergencies strike, everyone needs to be connected, wherever and whenever they're working. Smart technology gets the right message to the right people at the right time for the fastest possible response.


If you'd like to join the conversation about how to maximise the efficiency of manufacturing plants through smart technology and communication solutions, we'd be delighted to welcome you to the Motorola Solutions Community EMEA LinkedIn Group.

Sean Fitzgerald, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Motorola Solutions
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1Cedefop (2014)
2European Commission, EU Skills Panorama 2014

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