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Keep Staff and Guests Secure with Instantaneous Communication

Created Nov 04 2016, 5:00 AM by Sean Fitzgerald

Discover how next generation MOTOTRBO™ radios help improve safety.

Hotels and resorts can be large and consistently busy places. There are usually hundreds of guests, staff and visitors on site throughout the day. In order to keep them safe and secure, security teams need to be able to communicate instantaneously with each other and with other departments.

Security staff are dependent on seamless communication, especially when responding to a situation on site. Whether it be a fire alarm in the conference room or a staff member injured in a remote area of the resort, instantaneous communication is key to dealing with these situations quickly. Because when staff respond promptly, risk is controlled.

The new MOTOTRBO radios have a range of enhancements that provide the reliable, resilient voice and data communications required to communicate information clearly. They connect and coordinate teams with a range of devices, wherever they’re working. The new radios include a range of features to help improve safety at your resort:

  • Intelligent audio: adjusts volume automatically in line with fluctuating background noise
  • Indoor and outdoor location tracking: finds people quickly, outside in the grounds or in the back-of-house areas.
  • Integrated accelerometer: detects movements and issues alerts if the staff member appears to have fallen or be motionless.


To find out more read our brochure 'Elevating Guest Experiences'



Sean Fitzgerald, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Motorola Solutions
Connect with Sean on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sean-fitzgerald/1/705/4a0

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