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Is Every Hotel Guest A VIP?

Created May 27 2014, 5:00 AM by Sean Fitzgerald

Hospitality communication systems; hotel communication networks; and how you can use them to improve your service

Well, yes...they should all feel like one!

These days, VIP applies to anyone walking into your hotel; from staying guests to those simply visiting your restaurant, bar or conference centre. They all want value for money; all seem to have a growing sense of entitlement to 'VIP' treatment; and can all air and share their opinions online, instantly - putting them in a 'position of power' from which they can demand superior service.

So your service has to excel and standards have to be maintained not just at reception, but throughout the hotel and throughout their stay. Which is where making the most of modern hospitality communications can give you competitive advantage.

Would you like your online reviews to say: "Nice clean hotel", "Good facilities for business travellers"?

These are real reviews achieved by one hotel which provides staff with two-way radios. Early morning inspections were revealing issues; a top floor bar not cleaned after a party the night before; a 'dead' meeting-room projector; wilting pot plants; blown light bulbs. Using a two-way radio, this hotel manager can contact housekeeping, maintenance and IT en-route, so problems are dealt with instantly before guests have chance to notice.

So, good hotel communications deliver good reviews - FACT. But there's more to it than just review: VIP service values can increase your revenues too... Consumers will pay 38% more


Responding to guest needs more quickly, more efficiently and more effectively is the hallmark of VIP service...and having the right mix of technology for hotel and hospitality communications simply makes it so much easier for you.

So for front of house or guest-facing staff, choose something small, light and discreet (like our SL Series). Housekeeping and maintenance typically use more robust models with larger screens for easy texting/job allocation (our DP4800 is ideal). Then there's waterproof for the pool (our DP4400 or DP3441); small and robust for your concessions (think DP2400); tough and easy to operate for your gym or golf course (the DP1400); even specialist options for transport services (DM4601 with voice comms and GPS location tracking).

And whichever technology you use, here are my top 7 tips to help you make every customer interaction first class...

1. Don't keep your guests waiting. VIPs expect to be dealt with quickly and efficiently and radio can help you achieve that.

2. Anticipate needs before the guest asks. For instance, with radio comms a porter can contact housekeeping and pre-empt requests: "I've asked housekeeping to bring you fresh towels."

3. Turn "I don't know" into "One moment please..." Every member of staff can't know everything, but using two-way radios they can contact the right person and provide the right information quickly.

4. Don't let comms disturb your guests. A VIP experience is a calm, quiet one! They don't want to hear the chatter of staff, so use earpieces or texting for discreet communications.

5. Respond quickly to issues. Say a guest drops a drink poolside and the glass breaks; your lifeguard can't leave the pool, but with two-way radio he can have housekeeping there and guest safety resorted in minutes.

6. Let staff know a guest is on the way. If a guest asks how to get to the Spa, your staff member can call ahead and have them greeted at the door, perhaps even by name - a real VIP experience.

7. Think 'attention to detail'. For instance, if you offer guest transport a radio with GPS tracking provides extra information: "Mr & Mrs VIP, I can see your car is on its way and will be here in 10 minutes".

Learn more about how one top hotel
'made its guest experience first class' in this Case Study >>

Discover the right radio for every one of your people, helping you deliver that VIP guest experience everytime at, www.motorolasolutions.com/mototrbo

Sean Fizgerald is Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing EMEA
Connect with Sean on LinkedIn at

*comScore/Kelsey, October 2007

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