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Public Transport Management and Control



Thought-provoking ideas on the challenges facing passenger transport service providers in Europe

“Our strategy to double the market share of public transport worldwide by 2025 is about cities: making them better places to live and work.”
Alain Flausch, UITP Secretary General

The way we travel shapes our culture. Railways and highways have been instrumental in breaking down the divisions between regions, nations and even continents.

And we're in transit again. Europe is coming to terms with new challenges around safe and efficient transportation, and volatile patterns of economic growth.

Download this report to explore the latest thinking on one of the most important aspects of planning and managing passenger transport systems in these fast-moving times: digital two-way radio communication.

Transport Management And Control In A World Of Change And Complexity

brings together insight and opinion from politicians, senior decision-makers and industry commentators. It looks at the challenges of growing demand, rising congestion and increasing competition, as well as ever-tighter regulation.

And it looks at the solutions delivered by the latest developments in digital two-way radio communication.

A secure, integrated and reliable voice and data communication infrastructure can drive productivity and efficiency across the entire transport system.
  • Passengers and staff can feel safer.
  • Costs can be controlled.
  • Passenger satisfaction scores can soar.