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Unified Communications. Unified Workforce.

WAVE Work Group Communications

WAVE Work Group Communications


Your workforce is spread across many locations from offices right through to oilfields and everywhere inbetween. Each works with or carries communications devices most appropriate to their role and environment – two-way radios for those in hazardous environments, where noise levels are high and surroundings demand a tough/rugged device, smartphones and tablets for managers on the move, PCs and desk phones for office workers. But effective cross-team communication and collaboration hasn’t always been easy.

Until now.

WAVE software can help you connect all of your workers regardless of network, device or location. Access is secure, ubiquitous and affordable, so you can maximise the value of existing investments whilst leveraging the capabilities of the latest broadband communications technology.

How to Buy

WAVE Work Group Communications


Overcoming barriers to collaboration, discussions can be held in the moment, projects are executed smoothly and ROI is accelerated. Download our whitepaper to find out more

WAVE 3000 is a simple, easily installed solution that allows managers and supervisors to stay in touch with workers using their smartphone or tablet.

Highly scalable, IT-integrated, enterprise grade PTT solution for radio interoperability and extension to broadband networks and devices.