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Manufacturing | A connected workforce transforms production output


Download this brief to transform order fulfillment with voice and data communications.

In an age beyond mass production, customers are demanding individually manufactured orders and quicker turnaround times. Responding to that demand requires seamless processes.

An unexpected production line fault, employee injury, or incorrect machine settings threaten those processes and order fulfillment. A connected and informed workforce is your only way to address the unexpected when issues have to be identified instantly and resolved in as little time as possible.

Download this Solutions Brief to discover the how to build a unified and streamlined workforce with the combined force of Motorola Solutions radio devices and productivity applications.

STAY IN TOUCH: Enhanced radio coverage connects workers across the factory.

COMMUNICATE CLEARLY: Intelligent Audio keeps teams talking even over noisy machinery.

GO FURTHER: Long battery life extends shifts and boosts efficiency.

CONNECT EVERYONE: Team Communications with WAVE™ Work Group Communications connects any device, any network, any application.

BE PROTECTED: Rugged ATEX certified radios ensure safe communications in hazardous areas.