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Every Guest Experience Perfected


Take control of your guest experiences with seamless voice and data communications

In the competitive world of hospitality, hotels and resorts face multiple challenges from social media, security and the rise of private accommodation.

Staff need to be connected with unified voice and data communications to respond quickly to customer needs and earn vital top ratings on social media channels. Operations need to be streamlined to deal efficiently with security breaches. And there has to be a balance between technology and personal interaction so guests benefit from enhanced efficiency while still feeling valued on a human level.

STAY IN TOUCH: Enhanced radio coverage connects workers across your premises.

COMMUNICATE CLEARLY: Intelligent Audio keeps teams talking even in noisy environments.

GO FURTHER: Long battery life extends shifts and boosts efficiency.

KEEP SAFE: Man Down and Location Tracking allows you to respond to staff accidents when they can't.

CONNECT EVERYONE: Team Communications with WAVE™ Work Group Communications connects any device, any network, any application.