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Beacon transmitter for in-house localisation

K-term70 is a powerful beacon transmitter for in-house localisation systems.


The K-TERM 70 beacon transmitter is used in in-house localisation systems. It transmits unique identifying information together with additional service information.

The beacon is configured with the K-TERM Set-up Programme which allows users to set up the transmission power level and the transmission interval. Depending on the mounting position, the range is reliant on the adjusted power level and is between 0.5 metres and 25 metres. The battery supports operations for up to three or more years, depending on the transmission settings and the type of battery installed.

The standard case is a robust ABS case which is IP65 approved. The mounting screws are outside of the electronic chamber.

Supported Languages

• Beacon transmitter with battery.

• Battery life up to 3 years or more.

• Easy installation.

• Range programmable from 0.5 metres up to 25 metres depending on mounting position and building.

• IP65 (IP67 on demand).

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
Radio with option board K-TERM42 or K-TERM44.  All radios DP3xxx and DP4xxx.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA with installed Motorola USB drivers for connecting the DMR radios.


K-TERM programming box for configuring and updating K-TERM70.