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Know when a weapon is drawn or fired

In an instant, a situation can turn dangerous with no time to call for backup. Responder Alert quickly makes others aware of when and where an officer's weapon is drawn or fired for quick responses.

Seconds can seem like a lifetime

The street contains the unexpected. Situations develop quickly, and every call has the potential to turn dangerous. Despite your best efforts, drawing your weapon may be your first priority. At times like this, Responder Alert solutions can increase your safety and get you the help you need fast. Automatic notifications alert dispatchers and supervisors when your weapon is drawn or fired, send your last known location and trigger your body-worn video camera.


Weapon and stun gun drawn sensor

Retro-fit most popular holsters with sensors from Motorola Solutions to send weapon drawn notifications.

Weapon fired sensor

Retro-fit certain GLOCK Gen4 handguns with sensors from our partner Yardarm™ to send weapon fired notifications.

Automated solutions increase officer safety

Get backup where it's needed, fast

Automated location notification when a weapon is drawn or fired informs the command center and supervisors of where help is needed.

Make sure everything is captured

Automatic triggering of body-worn video means officers don’t need to think about turning on their camera to preserve evidence.

Know what your officers are facing

Quick notification when a situation escalates and a weapon is drawn or fired alerts supervisors and the command center that an officer needs assistance.

Automatic location and status updates mean help is dispatched faster

PSX Cockpit Android App

See at a glance what features are connected and sensor statuses on the convenient dashboard app.

CommandCentral Inform

Display sensor alerts, officer ID and location on the incident command mapping app.

  • Si500 Video Speaker Microphone

    Purpose-built wearable with an intuitive user interface combines voice communications, video and voice recording and still image capture.

  • CommandCentral Aware

    Support the field with more meaningful, real-time intelligence by extracting deeper insights from the integrated voice, video and data in CommandCentral Aware.

  • LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Handheld

    The LEX L10 Mission Critical Handheld delivers intelligent data over Public Safety and Commercial LTE Networks.