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CrimeReports Brand Story


Increase visibility of agency operations and improve public perception by proactively sharing local crime data.

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CrimeReports helps law enforcement agencies promote two-way dialogue with their community,and improve public and media perception by proactively sharing local crime information and visibility to agency operations. Transparent and timely communication increases public confidence and reduces the need to fulfill individual information requests―saving your agency time and money

Crime data from Records Management or Computer-Aided Dispatch systems (RMS/CAD) is automatically published in an online, interactive map. Citizens can sign up to receive alerts from their local agency, as well as customized daily, weekly, or monthly updates on any number of crime types. 

Two Ways to Connect With Your Community:

CrimeReports provides a free subscription for agencies to establish a foundation for community engagement. With a CrimeReports Plus subscription, agencies can provide a more robust approach with more data, more analytics, and the opportunity to promote the agency’s profile.