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Transform your radio into a multi-media communications toolkit

Share texts, images, videos and voicenotes across your extended team.

Need to stay quiet? Send a text. Need to recognize the suspect? Ask dispatch to send a mugshot. It’s all quickly and easily accessible via the APX NEXT family touchscreen interface, using the on-screen virtual keyboard.

SmartMessaging: Communicate. Share. Collaborate.

SmartMessaging is a multimedia public safety communication tool that runs on your APX NEXT. It's a secure and convenient way to share texts, images, videos and audio files across your extended team.

Elevate awareness

Get information to your first responders. From confirming an address to identifying a suspect, SmartMessaging puts intelligence into the palms of their hands.

Increase flexibility

However you need to share information, SmartMessaging gives you the options you need. From plain text messages to images, videos and voicenotes.

Improve security

Make the upgrade from consumer-grade messaging. Invest in a mission-critical public safety system with encryption from radio to server.

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81% of U.S. officers are on patrol alone.* Do they have the tools to stay connected?


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If I'm away from the car I may not want to go back to look at something there if it can get pushed to me on the radio itself. I can then take that device in my hand and put it in front of five other deputies on scene and say this is the guy we're looking for.

Michael Zollars

Lieutenant, Spokane Valley Police Department

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