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CommandCentral Evidence

Knock down data silos with the confidence that every detail has been captured and no evidence left behind. Securely capture, manage and share all case content from a single location.

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Maximize the value of your digital evidence

Digital evidence can be one of the most valuable tools when investigating and prosecuting cases. But the extreme volume, variety and velocity of data has made digital evidence management more complex than ever. It’s time to revolutionize digital evidence management.

Centralize evidence

All your evidence in one place

Knock down data silos with a secure and centralized solution to organize all of your digital evidence, no matter the source.

Records Integration

Build a stronger case

Quickly pull together a complete picture of a case for investigations by correlating digital evidence to records and computer-aided dispatch systems.

Judicial sharing

Go to court with confidence

Securely share case information with other agencies, the community and judicial partners, with chain of custody intact.

Experience end-to-end digital evidence management

Securely store, manage and share the entire case from a single location.

Unified Search

Say goodbye to fragmented searching and get immediate access to the information you need with a free-text search across your data.

Evidence Viewer

CommandCentral Evidence provides granular control over your video evidence, making it easier to quickly locate the exact video frame you need.

Automated Transcription

Get more out of your recorded evidence and find key moments faster, without having to watch or listen to video and audio in real-time.

Judicial Sharing

Provide prosecutors with a dedicated, streamlined page to access all of the case content shared with them — even from multiple agencies.

Save Frequent Searches

Save frequent searches so they dynamically update with any new content.

Incident Correlation

Intelligently organize digital evidence with records correlation. The Incident ID is linked to the Consolidated Record View in CommandCentral Records.

Frame-by-Frame Analysis

Control the speed of the video and step forward or backward one frame to easily locate a specific frame.

Chain of Custody Verification

Green check marks indicate when chain of custody is verified. Detailed audit logging allows you to track all activity on or with a piece of content.

Synchronized Playback

Synchronize playback so recorded video and audio from multiple devices can be seen and heard simultaneously.

Video Thumbnail

Preview thumbnails along the video player bar to easily find the exact footage you need.

Locate Important Moments

Search for keywords or select a section of the transcript to jump to important moments in the recording for the exact footage you need.

Separate Multiple Speakers

The transcript identifies when there are multiple speakers based on their unique voices and calls them out in their lines of the transcript.

Easily Follow Along

As the recording plays, the corresponding section of the transcript is highlighted, making it easier to follow along.

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