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Unify workflows with integrated solutions


PremierOne CAD

Improve dispatch decision-making and responder awareness and safety.


PremierOne Mobile

Accurate and informed response for improved awareness and safety.


CommandCentral Evidence

View, manage and share digital evidence from one location.


Turn data into intelligence

Information is at the heart of policing. PremierOne® Records is designed to help your agency overcome the complexities of managing information, giving your officers time back to connect with the community they serve.


Report auto population

Prepopulate reports with CAD data

Field reporting

Search and populate reports in the field

Report collaboration

Collaborate on reports in real-time

IBR validation

Validate IBR compliance to minimize rework

Maintain record quality

Keep data clean with record quality control tools

Digital evidence

Embedded digital evidence, correlated to the case

Capture app

Capture images, video and audio on scene

Unified search

Conduct a free-text search across all agency data


Simplify Reporting

Writing reports and managing evidence take up a significant amount of time that could be better spent in the field. Simplify reporting with field access to comprehensive search and streamlined incident reporting capabilities. Enter data once, correctly and in as few clicks as possible with the ability to prepopulate the report with CAD data and digital evidence. To further reduce data entry and rework, add existing record data into reports and verify IBR compliance in real-time.

Streamline data management

Equip your records staff with powerful tools to organize your growing amount of data. Deduplicate, merge, expunge and purge records with features to help maintain record quality and legality. For digital evidence, integration with CommandCentral Evidence provides access to all agency content, correlated to the case and managed together with your records. And, to better understand your data and general agency activity, run a variety of reports on any dataset.

Successfully build and close cases

Provide detectives with the information they need, in one place. Compile reports — including all relevant digital evidence — in intelligent case folders for quick incident review. Visualize connections via relationship mapping to help identify leads. Create, assign and monitor tasks to ensure a collaborative and diligent investigation. Digitally share cases with judicial partners, including a thorough activity log, to avoid printing, disk burning and physical transportation of materials.

Integrated apps


Product information

Motorola Solutions PremierOne

PremierOne Brochure

Overview of PremierOne on-premises suite

PremierOne Services

PremierOne Services data sheet

Minimize downtime and service disruptions.

The future of Digital Evidence Management

The Future of Digital Evidence Management

Go beyond body-worn cameras.

Preview GIS services for CAD-Mobile-Records

Preview GIS services for CAD-Mobile-Records

Biometric Verification

Biometric Verification

Overview of the Biometric Verification feature

Cell Check

Cell Check

Overview of the Cell Check feature and app

Commissary Management

Commissary Management

Overview of the Commissary Management feature

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Actions

Overview of the Disciplinary Actions feature



Overview of the File Capture feature

Inmate Requests

Inmate Requests

Overview of the Inmate Requests feature

Inmate Work Assignments

Inmate Work Assignments

Overview of the Inmate Work Assignments feature

LiveScan Fingerprinting

LiveScan Fingerprinting

Overview of the LiveScan Fingerprinting interface

PremierOne Onsite System Administration

PremierOne Onsite System Administration

Maximizing the Performance of your System

Case studies

New Orleans Case Study

The City of New Orleans case study

New Orleans’ experience with PremierOne

Santa Maria Case Study

Santa Maria’s experience with PremierOne

Prince George’s County case study

Prince George’s County case study

Prince George’s County’s experience with PremierOne

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