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Police CAD Software

Integrated, Off-the-Shelf Solution

Stay connected with first responders and neighboring jurisdictions with one integrated dispatch and mapping system. Easily share call information, add additional disciplines and keep all parties informed and up-to-date.

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Stay Connected With Responders Through Integrated Dispatch Software

When a call comes into an emergency dispatch center, access to comprehensive and accurate data can be the deciding factor between life and death. Get the right units to the right people fast with Spillman Flex’s integrated law enforcement dispatch software and CAD mapping solutions.

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Customize Screens, Functions & Commands

Support multiple public safety answering points, jurisdictions and disciplines on one shared system, while still preserving agency autonomy through customized, agency-specific configurations and reports. Dispatch units, add calls and search for data using either your keyboard and mouse, or operating directly from the CAD command line with prompted cues as you type that help you to enter commands quickly and accurately, saving precious time. Familiar features such as right-clicking, dragging and dropping can also be utilized.


Key Capabilities:

  • Customizable display options
  • Quick CAD commands
  • Visual alerts on the CAD status screen

Integrate System Data

Flex’s tightly integrated system provides dispatchers with easy access to all critical data from just one screen. From the CAD command line, dispatchers can query name, vehicle, property, law incident records, as well as Involvements® within the Law Records module, without exiting the CAD status screen. Any information added by dispatchers can be seen in real-time by responding personnel, helping to boost situational awareness and improve speed and accuracy of field reporting.


Key Capabilities:

  • Real-time status alerts and timers
  • One system login
  • On-the-spot data sharing capabilities

Locate Units and Calls on Jurisdictional Maps

View CAD calls on automatically populated jurisdictional maps. Seamless integration between the Flex AVL Mapping module and Flex police dispatch software displays all units in the correct location on the CAD map. When using Flex’s CAD tools, dispatchers can route a unit to a call directly from an agency’s map by dragging the unit symbol over the call symbol, or vice versa. Users can also dispatch a call to a unit by entering the command into the CAD command line. New calls are automatically centered on the map, giving dispatchers quick access to the most pressing situations. Additionally, improve responder safety and save time by easily maintaining the aliases of your agency’s ASTRO radio devices.


Key Capabilities:

  • Mobile and GIS integration
  • Customizable maps
  • Easy-to-use mapping toolbar

Increase Call Taker Focus for Faster Response

Integrate call handling into Flex CAD and ease the call taker’s already-stressful job, resulting in a more efficient and comfortable workspace. Minimize keystrokes, reduce errors and speed response. Reduce the need to swivel back and forth between applications. Now, answering a call, creating an incident, dispatching, and releasing a call can be accomplished in as few as four keystrokes--all from a single workstation.


Key Capabilities:

  • Increase call taker focus
  • Increase efficiency
  • Save time, gain peace of mind