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Situational Awareness Software

Situational Awareness Software

Integrate real-time intelligence in the command center to remotely assist officers in the field with CommandCentral Aware. Improve situational awareness and support officer safety by monitoring real-time alerts and accessing nearby video feeds all through one consolidated map.


Could You Use an Extra Set of Eyes in the Field?

Dispatch, intelligence analysts, and command staff have a difficult time sifting through incoming incident information. Your agency data, whether it is incident reports, sensor alarms, alerts, video feeds, CAD information or more, can assist any outcome--but only when it is streamlined into a helpful and digestible format.

CommandCentral Aware consolidates all critical incident information into one complete operating picture. This situational awareness technology supports officer safety by providing your dispatch center or real time crime center with access to powerful analytics, alerts and video feeds, all through a single consolidated screen.


Simplify Information. Make Better Decisions

Now you no longer have to contend with separate data sources and disconnected screens to access critical incident data and support field personnel. CommandCentral Aware’s mapping and tracking capabilities provide access to your disparate data sets through one common operating picture. Through one consolidated map, you can view all of your location-based data together in real-time, on a single map display.

To keep response focused, filter your views in CommandCentral Aware to only the datasets you need in the moment, directly from the map. You can also control viewing permissions.


Keep Officers and Citizens Safe on the Streets

Respond quickly to incidents that threaten the lives of your officers as well as the members of your community. CommandCentral Aware automatically informs the command center that a situation has escalated without further action by the officer with notifications sent wirelessly to bluetooth-equipped radios and show as alert icons on the consolidated map.  

Weapon and stun gun drawn sensors, weapon fired sensor, video speaker microphone activation, vehicle impact alerts, man down alerts and vest pierce alerts enable your agency to improve situational awareness and officer safety.

Have Eyes on a Scene in Seconds

Are you making the most of video in your community?  Are you ready to begin using video to save time, money, and act as “virtual partner” during response? Whether you would like to begin monitoring a few key areas in your community or are overwhelmed with too many video feeds, CommandCentral Aware provides the best platform to make the most out of video. CommandCentral Aware’s situational awareness software provides video analytics that bring your attention to key content and alerts on the consolidated map.

When combined with responder alerts and access to disparate data sets like CAD, alarms and alerts, sensors, tips, radios and video analytics, access to video feeds gives you the power to place eyes on the scene of a critical incident and act as a virtual partner. You can communicate a more informed response and enhance the safety of your officers as well as those in the community.



View all of your location-based data together, in real-time, on a single map display. This common operating picture can be accessed anywhere, from any internet-connected device.


Communicate a more informed response to a critical incident and enhance responder safety with those in the field by accessing from a common operating picture through CommandCentral Aware - directly from the map.


Your common operating picture is “view-only” with specific viewing permissions based on team. This ensures everyone is on the same page with the information that matters. Filter your view to only the datasets you need in the moment.


Responder alerts automatically show the command center what's happening to officers during an incident (emergency, weapon draw, vest pierce, etc.).  Alerts show on the consolidated map to help PSAP fusion operators or intelligence analysts to use as a “virtual partner,” improving situational awareness and officer safety.


Shape your response more appropriately CommandCentral Aware's real-time video access and notifications, which allow PSAP fusion operators or intelligence analysts  to access nearby video feeds from within the consolidated map for greater visibility into an escalating situation. CommandCentral Aware brings users' attention to key video content, enhancing officer safety and boosting productivity. 

Simplify Video Management

Simplify your operational view by bringing all disparate video solutions into one single, consolidated screen.

CommandCentral Aware partners with Avigilon Video to provide powerful analytics, search, and video management capabilities. It also integrates with major video management systems so you can access video feeds from across your community into one consolidated screen for greater situational awareness.

CommandCentral Aware integrates with CommandCentral Vault so you only need to tag relevant video for evidentiary purposes, reducing storage costs and improving productivity.