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Remote Environmental Monitoring System for Water

Monitor flow, pressure, and water levels

Enables end-users to deploy, use and maintain flexible remote monitoring of different parameters like Flow, Pressure, Chlorine Residual, pH, Turbidity, Alkalinity, Rain and Water levels. Records data locally and sends it across a cellular network to the User interface and allows users to calibrate, modify and troubleshoot field devices .

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Enables Remote Monitoring of Critical Parameters like Flow, Pressure, and Water Levels

The heart of the system is the StaRTU software. This software provides a powerful, feature-rich, yet simple-to-use application that has been designed to significantly enhance the usability, predictability, and reliability of your operations within the Remote Environmental Monitoring System. StarRTU provides a set of tools to deploy, change, and troubleshoot the edge devices (RTUs) so you can be assured that your system is always up-to-date.

From the interface to the sensors, it records the data locally in the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and sends it across the chosen network infrastructure to the end user application. The deployment of the system requires minimum efforts, with no dependency on high cost or scarce SCADA and IIoT engineering resources. Most importantly, the system enables you to calibrate, modify and troubleshoot the field devices during the entire lifecycle of the system. By eliminating the technical and cost burden, your system presents an affordable monitoring solution.

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  1. Significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 
  2. Gain access to information that traditionally was out of reach 
  3. User friendly for beginners and advanced SCADA professionals alike

Remote monitoring

Flow, Pressure, Chlorine Residual, pH, Turbidity, Alkalinity, Rain and Water levels.

Keep records of your data

Calibrate, Modify and troubleshoot data and devices

• Radio Hardware/ Releases Compatibility.

The solution could ride over narrow band networks and in addition provide redundant links when needed. Polling rates and bursts would be analyzed based on the deployed communication system. Also compatible over private or public LTE.

• Computer Hardware / Operating Systems.

Motorola Solutions RTU or edge gateway

• StartRTU tool and provided edge application
• HMI application based on VTScada Windows computer