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MTP6650 TETRA Portable Two-way Radio

MTP6650 is no longer manufactured or available in the EMEA region. The suggested replacement product is the MXP600.

Designed for tough environments, the MTP6650 ensures communications availability through a rugged, water-submersible design. The radio also provides unmatched communications clarity, ensuring minimum audio distortion even at high volume through the in-built speaker or an attached remote speaker microphone.

A TEDS-ready radio, the MTP6650 offers comprehensive data connectivity and local storage options to provide mobile workers with on-demand access to critical information. With integrated Bluetooth, the MTP6650 allows users to connect an array of Bluetooth audio accessories and data devices without an external adapter.

Available products and features may vary by region or country. Contact your local Motorola representative for specific availability and feature support in your region.

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