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Meeting our Commercial Requirements is part of the Accreditation Process

Vertical Market Expertise
Ability to demonstrate knowledge and positioning within selected vertical market segments and associated strategy incorporating target market values, helps to drive future business development plans in a positive direction. Capabilities should exist enabling grasp of available/new opportunities. History of experience with customers clearly showing market presence as a solutions provider as well as for example possible recognition awards gained through external organisations, for achievements in the market place. Examples of key customer involvement within a particular segment, with proven customer satisfaction and fulfilment, gained through business successes. Customer references, from within a particular market segment.

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Satisfactory Business Plan
Extension of knowledge of vertical markets, with justification for applications/solutions developments in order to create profitable growth, when winning new opportunities. The business plan will show the strategic direction of the company and how its proposed solutions developments will add value.

Financial Resources
Financial records over a period of time, demonstrating sound financial management of assets, with consolidated profit and loss accounting. Management of finances to grow the business. The candidate partner should ensure that the financial resources necessary to support the planned business are committed to that business. Adequate resources in terms of capital employed and investment should be made available to ensure performance to all criteria specified. Capacity and ability to invest appropriate levels of resources for the development of applications / solutions needed by customers and the market place.

Pre - Sales Function
Resource and organisation to adequately support pre-sales activities during the customer acquisition process. Appropriate skills sets.

Project Management Function
Resources and organisation to effectively manage project elements. Appropriate skills sets.

Post - Sales Support Function
Capacity and capabilities to provide life cycle support of delivered systems, to customer needs and timeliness, at local sites as appropriate.

Customer Training Function
Organisation structured to support customer training on delivered solutions.

Marketing Capabilities
Resources and capabilities to marketing the solutions together with the Motorola Marketing organisations. e.g. join Motorola dealer events and exhibitions, provide content for Motorola Online, proper brochures etc.

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