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Process to become a member of the Motorola Application Partner program.

The Application Partner Accreditation process takes the form of an assessment vehicle where both Motorola in cooperation with a candidate partner will review certain aspects and attributes. This is essential to the capability of providing radio communications solutions with through life cycle management and support. The purpose of the assessment is to determine areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement. This will result in a mutual understanding and value added business partnership.

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  • Accreditation Logos

    As an accredited "Licensed Developer" you may use the accreditation logo in general marketing material and presentations of your company.

  • Accreditation Requirements

    Ability to demonstrate knowledge and positioning within selected vertical market segments is the basis for Accreditation.

  • Certificates

    Upon successful accreditation, you will also be presented with an official certificate of recognition.

  • Registration Forms

    Signing the registration form reflects the agreement between Motorola and the Partner.

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