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Jamie's Story

Save clicks. Save seconds. Save lives.

Jamie's story: CommandCentral CRS helps prevent a missing person call turn into a life threatening situation

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Streamline your mission-critical communications

Operators and Dispatchers today are often managing critical responses using multiple, disparate systems which require tedious navigation among several controls, buttons and screens. For many agencies, the lack of intuitive tools leads to inconsistent service and response and puts an additional burden on an already stressful job, contributing to overwhelmed teams and high turnover. These workflow barriers may have significant downstream effects with officer and community safety and later, with investigations and overall agency efficiency. 

Control Room Solution (CRS) helps you achieve seamless operations by integrating all call critical communications into one intuitive and unified response system. With CRS, Operators harness a clean, rationalised user interface to react quickly to incidents and easily control all communications. As a browser-based solution, CRS eliminates costly proprietary hardware purchases, simplifies evolution and enables scalability with flexible deployment options for mission-critical resilience. CRS includes all of the tools Operators and Dispatchers need to effectively connect with their communities and keep officers safe.

Simplify your communications

To work smarter and streamline your workflow, you need a fully integrated control room environment. CRS streamlines the communications process in real-time, from the moment the first phone or radio call is received through the dispatching of field personnel and physical resources. CRS offers a single communication platform with an intuitive user interface that seamlessly integrates with voice devices, logging recorders, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems and related mission-critical technologies to simplify incident management and reduce stress within the control room.

Call Assist

An intuitive contact management experience within the CRS software that ensures an efficient use of field resources by dramatically improving the value and quality of information captured at the first point of contact.

Call Assist helps the operator anticipate and mitigate danger by recognising warning signs drawn from the wealth of information stored across the organisation. With Call Assist, operators are equipped to create highly relevant, accurate and timely call records, improving quality decision-making and enabling them to efficiently complete emergency and non-emergency call cases.

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