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Quantify Recording Suite

When you need to record voice and data communications, rely on quantify recording suite

The flexibility of the Red Box Quantify voice, data and call recording solution puts you in the driving seat. From easy search and replay of recordings through to powerful event reconstruction and workforce optimisation, this comprehensive software suite offers smart capabilities for your needs.


Red Box’s Quantify Recording Suite is a flexible, scalable and easy to deploy solution that enables communications data from a mixture of telephony types to be captured, archived retrieved and analysed. It is fully compatible with Motorola’s Dimetra IP system for hassle-free integration. 

Reliable data and voice recording is vital for monitoring incidents and providing accurate reporting, for both legal and regulatory purposes. Using Quantify Recording Suite, communications can be captured and securely stored, regardless of the number of channels that need to be recorded.

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• Designed for Mototola AIS. Integrates with Motorola AIS to allow recording of talkgroups and ISSIs. Along with the actual audio for the transmissions, the following information can be stored in the database as fully searchable data: Talkgroup, ISSI (Radio ID, Radio Alias), Start Time, End Time and Call Duration.

• Visual Timeline. Easily reconstruct events from multiple sources to form a visual timeline of events and place important communications in Quantify CallSafe so that they are exempt from a standard retention cycle.

• Accurate Audio Search. Using Phoentic search, quickly and accurately mine large volumes of recorded voice content to retrieve communications for investigation and dispute resolution.

• Fully compliant with the Motorola Dimetra IP system.

• Records audio transmission, Talkgroup, ISSI (Radio ID, Radio Alias), Start Time, End Time and Call Duration.

• Full search and replay functions.

• Easy to setup and use with web-based interface – no specialist knowledge required.

• Efficient workflow for simple and effective use of time.

• Phonetic Search for quick and accurate audio retrieval.

The Quantify Recording Suite for Dimetra is entirely IP-based and only requires IP connectivity to the Motorola AIS server.

A list of all required Talkgroups and ISSIs to be recorded needs to be provided so that the recorder can register an interest in them with the AIS. The recorder should be licensed for Motorola recording.

Radio Requirements of the Red Box Quantify Digital Voice Recording Solution – applicable for all Motorola radios via the Archiving Interface Server (AIS).

Compatible with Dimetra IP Compact on System Release 7.0 and 8.0.