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Universal DMR Interface

DMRU is a powerfull USB/serial interface to connect your devices on MOTOTRBO radio network

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MOTOTRBO radio is very useful for sending and receiving data. The DMRU interface has several serial ports RS232, TTL, RS485 and RS422, and an USB link to MOTOTRBO Radios. These can be used as a transparent radio modem bridge to your applications or to your devices (microprocessor, automation…). You can also connect your electronic devices to a PC through MOTOTRBO DMR radio network.The DMRU interface has severals digital inputs and outputs which can be controlled remotely.The DMRU interface is very easy to configure with DRMU CPS software.

  • Convert Radio USB port to serial port
  • Connect your devices easily through radio network
  • Transparent DMR radio modem
  • Remote control (inputs/ouputs)
  • USB/SERIAL converter for Mototrbo
  • Transparent Modem radio bridge
  • Remote digital input
  • Remote analog inputs
  • Remote ouputs and relay
  • Send Text Messages on inputs activation
  • Protocol to communicate with emergency systems

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility

  • DM4600/DM4601 DM4400/DM4401 DM3400/DM3401 DM3600/DM3601 
    DP4601 DP4401 DP4801 DP3601 DP3401 DP3441

System Architecture

  •  Compatible with IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus.