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All products in Motorola Solutions Catalog have been categorized and color-coded in the following manner:

  • Applications developed by Motorola Solutions
  • Certified under the Motorola Solutions brand
  • Sold directly through Motorola Solutions channel
  • Supported directly by Motorola Solutions customer service teams
  • Solutions built by select application partners
  • Tested and integrated in direct cooperation with Motorola Solutions
  • Sold and supported through Motorola Solutions customer service teams
  • Solutions from Authorized Application Providers
  • Proven customer deployments or tested in a Motorola Solutions lab
  • Sold and supported directly by the Authorized Application Provider

Search Solutions

Choose from a wide range of solutions within any of the below color-coded categories. You can filter your search results by a specific region, technology, application category, industry or language you are looking for.


Click on a specific solution and learn more about the benefits of using it within your business.

The product page supplies you with useful information and real-life scenarios where the solution can be deployed. You can look into the product’s main benefits, features & functionalities as well as the minimum system requirements for adopting this application within your site.

We also provide you extra material for you to view and download under the ‘Additional Resources’ section. Here you will find brochures, videos, specification sheets and presentations related to the product.

Get in Touch

Within each of the product pages, you will find the option to contact Motorola Solutions customer service teams or an solution provider of Motorola Solutions developer community to inquire about the solution. You can click on the 'How To Buy' or the 'Company & Sales Information' button to start the enquiry/purchase of the solution.

Unless specified, Motorola Solutions is not responsible for any product and/or information provided by an Authorized Application Provider. For more information on any of the product solutions featured in this guide, please contact the application developer directly.

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